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2015 - 2010 news

To make it easy for everyone, all the latest news will be posted on Different Strings' FaceBook page at -

You can still continue browsing this website for audio samples, merchandise etc.

NEW ALBUM "The Sounds of Silence - part II" RELEASE DATE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - 16TH MARCH, 2015, available on

Friday, 20th September - New line up

Well at this point we can make it official. It saddens me to announce that our virtuoso keyboard player, David Ciantar, decided to quit the band for various reasons. We are planning some gigs for next year through our vast festivals and events held on our island, although without him

Since he is so difficult to replace because of the lack of decent keyboard players that want to play this kind of music, we took the decision that I take hold of the keyboard world and find a new guitarist. We did and we are pleased to announce our new member, Mr. Kurt Aquilina on guitars. Believe me he knows what he's doing.

Hope to get more news more often, until next time, bye bye!

Thursday, 21st February - Time to play live again

We are scheduled to play live to compete in the Hard Rock Rising 2013 competition. These live performances from various bands, will take place at Hard Rock Cafe' BayStreet St.Julians (Malta) on March 21st and 28th, April 4th which is the day that Different Strings will play live and the final on April 11th.

Different Strings completed phase 1 with great success through the online voting on ending first with a total of 274 official votes and 354 total downloads of our track "Let me out of here" featured on our second album "The sounds of silence - part I".

The link for the Hard Rock Rising 2013 is

So come and support Different Strings on April 4th. Plenty of merchandise on display on the night.

Sunday, 6th January - Happy new year!

...and 2013 is here and we're as well, the Mayans missed the target.

Anyway, I'm sure you heared too much already of this bull. The year for us started with good news from Aurovine, a website dedicated to bands where you can buy CDs and of...ficially download music.

On February 19th they will release various compilations for members including a prog compilation CD and Aurovine staff cordially invited Different Strings to be part of this prog compilation.

Since it's a prog CD and track length wasn't an issue I decided to be "Selfishness (part I)" the track to be featured on the CD.

More details will follow in the near future in the meantime try it yourself, this is the Aurovine website

Tuesday, 11th December - Legacy of war bundle offer

Although Prog the Islands is in the past now, the bundle offer is still valid until stock lasts.

Click on the link below to be transferred to paypal to purchase "Legacy of war bundle offer" which includes official Legacy of war t-shirt, "The sounds of silence - part I CD album and Legacy of war download card redeemable at

T-shirt size

Photo taken from Prog the Islands bundle offer

Friday, 26th September - Legacy of war

The download track "Legacy of war" is ready to be released on 30th of October on CD baby which will distribute to several other webites like iTunes, emusic etc. It will be only available as a digital download. From 30th October 2013 onwards you can click on the cover below to purchase the download .

On December 7th Different Strings will perform again live this time at the Prog the Islands event which is held every year. We were invited by Noel Mifsud, one of the organizers, after the much attention being given to Different Strings from various sources and magazines and the release of "The sounds of silence - part I" CD. Included bands for the event are Saneless feel and Colourblind. This is the link to the facebook page for the event.!/events/105350276286734/

Until next time...

Saturday, 15th September - Mag 1

As I told you last week Different Strings will be featured in 2 great rock magazines in the month of September. This is the Fireworks magazine issue 53 (see cover below or use link) interviewed by Nick Baldrian.

Also the track 3 o'clock overture (from the album the sounds of silence part I) is featured on the free CD included.

Sunday, 26th August - GREAT NEWS

Ok everybody, hope you you're all ok. Well I got some interesting news with you to share. Looking forward for the next month of September.

Two greats of the UK publishing magazines in Rock music have the interest in publishing Different Strings' music on their issues.

Fireworks magazine will feature a little review by Nick Baldrian with the inclusion of a track in their free CD in their next issue (issue 53). This is great news for us as we will have a little exposure in the UK and other foreign territories where the magazine is sold.

Well we thought that this was great news for us but it seems it wasn't enough!

The much followed Prog magazine announcd the first ever Prog awards this year, which will be held in Kew Gardens, UK on September 5th. They decided to make a call for unknown/new bands out their to be featured on a special CD to be presented to the guests and nominees on the night. Well we gave it a try by sending out our demo and it got short listed, therefore Different Strings will be featured on the CD with prog magazine. The issue with the awards feature will be released on September 26th.

On both magazines the track chosen is 3 o'clock overture (Trance of sorow part I). We will keep our fingers crossed for the opportunities that this event might bring.

From our local news I am in the final works for the release of the first and only single from SOS part 2, "Legacy of war", scheduled October 2012. We are also in the process of changing our rehearsing establishment nearer to our homes. Hoping we will make this step.

Well that's enough for today and keep an eye on the magazines mentioned. Remember that buying those magazines will contribute in helping bands like us. Thanks alot and see ya!

Sunday, 10th June - still alive!

Hello everyone,

No worries I'm still alive. Well what happened in these past five months. Three main objectives were focused through these months; preparing myself for the LLCM exam in guitar teaching, continue the second part of "Sounds of silence" and trying to continue to build this band for live performances.

The first two are doing great. Alot of the album is arranged only missing the recording sessions that hopefully will be done throughout the remaining year. This next one will be a blast.

Although, we have some trouble in the band situation with the usual problems of lack of decent musicians. Yet again searching for a drummer. My target for this year's summer concerts started to fail by now. We had to let down the opportunity to play in the Beland Music Fest, which is one of the islands best music festivals, because of this, too bad.

Anyway, got a new and very positive review on progplanet by Tonny Larsen. Here's the link to it;

You can also find it in the review section. See ya soon!

Thursday, 16th January - new reviews

Hey there, some new reviews of the new album are available on various websites. Those reviews are in German and in Spanish. I'll try to translate the reviews to put the in the review section later on.

Here are the links to the reviews:

The German site has reviews on all Different Strings releases and a bio as well

Wednesday, 4th January - Happy new year to everyone

Ok guys and gals. 2011 is over and I have to say that finally it was a great year for Different Strings. After a long three and a half years waiting with a very slow progress encountering several problems, the album was finally finished and released on November 26th.

The same day saw the band formed and played the very first live gig as Different Strings. All musicians including myself had experiences in different occasions and bands but never as Different Strings playing Different Strings' music live. That felt great.

That wasn't enough and we did it again on a much better stage on the 18th of December at the Christmas village at the Pandora Hall in Zejtun. That was even greater. You can view some videos of both events in the vidoes section.

There are plenty of other things planned for 2012, more live performances, hopefully with a new keyboardist and the recordings of the second part of "The sounds of silence" which is hopefully targeted somewhere in 2013. Let's keep fingers crossed

There are expected some new reviews from DPRP, Proggnosis and Progarchives. As soon they'll be there I'll let you know, until then...

See ya

Saturday, 3rd December - OFFICIAL LAUNCH with a blast

Hello to everyone,

Finally Different Strings saw for the first time a stage, sort of. After years of fetching musicians I am proud to say that I've found the musicinas to play live. I would like to thank them being Errol Cutajar on vocals (also present on the CD), Johann Tabone on bass and Karl Dingli on drums. We had the help of Sinclair Mallia on keyboards for that special night only. We are still actually looking for a keyboard player.

Speaking about live performances we might have another appearance very shortly at the Xmas village in Zejtun at the Pandora hall. To be confirmed.

The new album so far is starting to get noticed as well. A review is expected on the British rock magazine Fireworks, and the French Big Bang magazine the latter being more into prog than the former.

Also an interesting interview was made by Torodd Fuglesteg of Progarchives and the link to read it is this:

Ok that's all for now. I will soon put a video of the launch event.




Hello to everyone,

For those of you that kept waiting, today I can announce the date and place of the official CD launch.

Different Strings will have the official launch of the second album "The Sounds of Silence - part I" on Saturday 26th of November at Rock Elements in Paceville.

The event will be at 20:30 with a press release and reception with album listening. An exclusive live performance will follow afterwards, not to be missed.

So mark your diaries and keep this day free so we can see you there.

Also, For those of you that tasted the new Different Strings album samples and are enjoying them very much, well next Thursday 13th Octobrer, stay tuned on One radio 92.7FM on Rock Moods.

Host Noel Mifsud invited me to be guest on the show which will include mostly information about Different Strings' second album and more.

So stay tuned next Thursday at 20:45, Rock Moods, One Radio 92.7FM.

That's it for now I'll keep in touch with more news.


Tuesday, 13th September - IT'S READY

HELLO TO EVERYONE. I can't beleive I'm actually announcing you that the second Different Strings' album is finally finished in production. It's been a long three and a half years of production. Yet again the vocalist problem persisted on the second album too. Thanks to Errol Cutajar, the new Different Strings' vocalist, the album was finalized.

May I have to remind you that this will be the first part of a larger project. Through the production process of part I, the one about to be released, I decided to have the next album as the second part of this project. This is because both CDs are conceptual. Both of them covering a very social issue, part I focusing on a familiar point of view and part II from a political point of view.

As I promised you this is the cover of the album "The Sounds of Silence - part I - The Counterparts". I'm in the process of negotiating the replication with the great and welcomed financial help of Malta International Airport and their CSR approval.

I would also like to thank the other sponsors for their finacial help as well:

Charles at Jet Express
Saviour at Fort Blocks
Turu at B & G
Lorraine and Robert at MIAsc

Thanks alot for your patience and shortly I will announce the release date of the album.


Monday, 1st August - Final mixing in progress

Hello everyone. The final mixes of the last two tracks remaining has commenced. Hopefully this will not take long like the whole project did cause I'm really looking forward now to see this album out.

Last time I promised you that I would share the cover with you but I would like to finish the whole thing before doing so. Surely next time I will update with the news that the album will be ready and the cover will be displayed as well.

In the meantime I would like to thank the Registry of Guitar Tutors in London, UK for my acceptance as a registered member and tutor of the RGT. Appropiate links can be found in the links sections.

Ok that's all for now. Keep you informed asap. Cheers!

Sunday, 15th May - almost there!

Hello everyone. As I told you last month the CD is in good progress. Three songs are mixed. We have the full versions of "Time and again" and "Victims of love" and a new one that I'm sure will blow your hi-fi set up to the roof, "Let me out of here". Those 3 tracks are already timing 18 mins. approx.

These week I'm off to Manchester to see two great legends of prog, Rush and Roger Waters, truly inspirational. Hopefully on my return we will continue the final parts of the epic "Trance of sorrow" and straight at Padded cell Studio for the mix.

On the next news update I will put on the site the cover of the new album, which is ready as well, until then...

see ya!

Saturday, 23rd April – ...and Happy Easter as well!

Well it seems that I can only find time to give some news only on festivities. Maybe it's so damn impossible to find some time to do so!

Anyway the mixing of the album finally started this month. The plan was to start earlier this year but it seems that this curse of delays will keep following me through out this project.

One track only remaining to record vocals, some overdubs and all the rest to the final mixing phase. Hopefully it will not take so long to record this last one.

I wanted to give all of you a happy Easter and hopefully soon enough with the release date of the album.


Sunday, 19th December – Wishing you a happy Christmas and a great 2011

Hello to everyone. I hope you're all doin' well. Most probably you're busy like I am for the festive season.

Well during the last months there was some good progress to the upcoming album. Finally I can say that this project will see the light of day after a lot of hassles of the past years because of vocalists and musicians. Three songs remaining to record vocals only then mixing is the next step. Early 2011 will start with the mixing at Padded Cell studio the already done songs. The cover is ready as well.

Talking about musicians these months saw as well another search to try to find decent musicians to join a real band to perform live. So far there are a few people that tried but left for other reasons, hopefully the ones I have gathered so far will result to be this band that I wished for, well we'll see what 2011 will reserve.

Another new thing that I will add in 2011 is the merchandise section which will hopefully include stuff like CDs of course and even t-shirts.

Finally I wanted to thank CD baby for the good distribution of my material through the internet. There was a great response to my music.

Well thanks for your time and I wanted to end this year by giving you my best wishes for Christmas and a great 2011.


Thursday, 29th July – Victims of love - EP SOLD OUT

Hi there, Just to let you know that with great pleasure all the "Victims of love - EP" were all sold out last week and we collected the wonderful sum of €301 for the Cauchi family.

On my behalf, all those involved and the Cauchi family would like to thank all of you that purchased the cd.

...and since this happened the CD bundle offer is slightly changed to the single and album only. There are a few copies of my album remained. Who is interested in buying a copy can contact me on 79095147 or purchase it directly through paypal. Just click on buy now.

The album is in very good progress since I finally have the vocalist to sing my songs. Currently we're working on the epic track and we already have 3 other tracks ready.

Ok then, that's all for now, see ya!

Wednesday, 5th May – 2010 CD Bundle offer

Hello to everyone. The new EP, "Victims of love" went very well with lots of people having great and various comments on it but the most important thing is that all of them were very positive especially regarding the new sound production of Different Strings.

This month I would like to launch the CD bundle offer. I recently collected the remaining CDs I had in a local music shop, which wasn't promoting them decently so I decided to put them on sale on the site and giving them a good price for those of you that didn't purchase the cds yet.

The CD bundle consists of the first three releases I had, "Dead man walking" cd single, "'s only the beginning" album and the recently released "Victims of love - EP". All of these in one package at the exclusive price of €15.95. (with the additional €2 for postage and packing)

Click on the image to purchase the CD bundle through paypal.

That's it for now. I'll keep you informed about the progress of the album which alot of work was done lately. Thanks alot and see ya soon!

Monday, 5th April – 2010 Launching of "Victims of love"

Hello everybody,

The launching of Victims of love EP is finally set and it will be next thursday 8th April, live on Rock Moods on One Radio 92.7FM at 8:45 pm. Stay tuned to hear the new tracks.

All the duplicated cds had arrived from UK and ready to be distributed to all of you that gave support and pre-ordered in advance a copy. I want to express my appreciation in believing in my project and for your generosity in support of the Cauchi family. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and surely allowed us to reach our goal. Your contribution means so much to me but even more to the Cauchi family.

Thank you from all of us.

For those of you that would like to purchase the cd can still do so until stock lasts on the link at the bottom of the page.

There are some new things in the pipeline but I'll keep you informed in the near future, in the meantime...

Thanks again and bye!

Monday, 15th March – 2010 news about the EP

Hello everyone. Finally the EP recording and mixing are ready and the master is on its way to UK for duplication. Considering that my first album was mixed by myself in my own studio and had not very good response on production I decided that this time I'll go to a pro Studio like the Padded Cell and mixed and mastered by Robert Longo whom is very experienced and with a good prog knowledge. I'm sure you'll like it. For those of you that didn't order the cd yet you can do so by clicking on the link below and remember this is for a good cause, all the profits will go to the Cauchi family.

Thanks alot and see ya soon!

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